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Principal and Head of School, Dr. Laura Aquila
Administrator/Attendance Officer, Debbi Swinford

Financial Officer/Student Accounts, Patty Sisk
Extended Care Coordinator, Dee Leggett 
Student Support Team-Dr. Aquila, Mrs. Debbi,  Mrs. Chelsea

Homeschool Coordinator--Joy Hargrove

Wanda Andreatte-Bible, Extended care, Teaching Assistant
Amy Canup-2nd grade
Nicole Farrell--4th grade, IT support
Clay Giles--Math
Kristy Hancock--Preschool, STEAM (K5-2nd)
Crystal Hickman--Teaching Assistant
Chelsea Hicks--PE, Ignitia
Dee Leggett--BIble (7-8), History (7-8), Drama Club
Misty Moyers--Kindergarten, Fine Arts (K-2), Extended Care
Hillary Riley-English, Earth Science 7-8
Anna Robinson--1st grade
Oona Ross--General Science 5, Earth Science 6-7
Sherry Sharp-Preschool, STEAM (3-8), Yearbook club, extended care
Hannah Sims--1st grade
Dru Sorey--Library

Melissa Walker--3rd grade

Ann Winter--Grades 5 & 6

Danni Winter--Girls' Bible 5/6, History 5/6, Counseling



Amber Coggin

Lorry Gowdy

Monique Tillman


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